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Your journey start from B’Charme B&B. A cup of coffee, a view on Palladio, a camera, a pen, a book. Don’t forget a hint of creativity and a lot of curiosity… 

Vicenza is one of the better preserved secrets, a small, low profile city, few tourists, it keeps the finest monuments of Andrea Palladio, the greatest architect of the final, splendid centuries of Venezia. He designed 24 of the more beautiful Venetian villas, and set the standards for many others to follow. Vicenza boasts the unique Basilica, and some of the nicest villas in the country around it. It is located in the Veneto region of Italy. It is an artistic city at the foot of the Berici Mountains. The town is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also known as the ‘City of gold’.

It’s a lovely town to visit with a beautiful, compact town center, attractive viewpoints in the hills, good restaurants, cafes and shops. It is easy to get around the town and most of Vicenza’s attractions are clustered closely together inside the old town walls.

On your holiday in Vicenza, you can admire many grand buildings by Palladio. Some of the town’s buildings are medieval, with several in the Venetian Gothic style. As soon as you’re inside the Porta you find yourself among the town’s many great buildings.

Piazza dei Signori, a few yards south of Corso Andrea Palladio, is the heart of town. It is dominated by two of Vicenza’s most striking landmarks, the Basilica Palladiana, the town’s medieval law courts and the adjacent Torre di Piazza, a tall and skinny tower. The town’s most famous individual sight is the Teatro Olimpico. The building was modeled on ancient Roman theatres, with a curved amphitheater. There is also a good museum and art gallery, which are worth a visit for art lovers or those interested in history. For great views of the area, visitors can walk uphill to the Santuario di Monte Berico

Strolling and sightseeing checked! What else? Well…much more to see around B’Charme…

Flirting with Palladio and the Villas – Overdose on Renaissance art with a glamour visit and wine tasting in a Palladian Villa
After a warm cappuccino at Bolzani Pasticceria and strolling and sightseeing Corso Palladio with the streets that looks like an architectural collection, you can’t miss the Olympic Theatre and Piazza dei Signori, the central piazza that looks like a set for an opera. Or visiting Villa Rotonda, the most breathtaking example of landscaped architecture. Resting on a knoll, the villa commands a 360-degree arc, its symmetrical porticos pointing toward the cardinal compass points.  If you have time we recommend to visit Villa Godi, richly decorated with 16th Century frescoes, it enjoys a fairytale setting amongst the rolling hills and enchanting villages of the Breganze wine region. If you are not tired then you can add to your memories collection the visit of Villa Emo or Villa Barbaro.  Enchanting Villas a wonderful mix of art & history & Italian culture. Don’t forget to taste wine in the frame of one of this Villas. Tour on request

Spritz and Art, art and Spritz…opsss, choose the sequence you prefer…

Relax, enjoy and live every moment… Campari Spritz Cocktail made with Prosecco, an Italian dry sparkling wine, and the world famous Campari, a bitter tasting spirit.

Pour the Italian Prosecco sparkling wine in a glass with few ice cubes.
Add the Campari and, to follow, a splash of sparkling mineral water.
Garnish with a slice of orange and serve.

So at this point ..here you have the best receipt: drinking a spritz outside the Olympic Theatre in Vicenza.. magnificent Olympic Theatre, designed by the architect Andrea Palladio and generally considered the first example of covered theatre in the modern era is just there, waiting to be discover…

In Cod we Trust!

Yes, Baccala’! We have more the 600- year love affair with this tasty dried fish.
We are cod freak.  You can’t miss a dinner at Righetti only from Monday to Friday.
Vicenza is famous for the preparation of the namesake Vicenza cod fish (baccalà alla vicentina) that we can eat in many restaurants “trattorie and osterie” in Veneto. But creamed fish on a polenta little square is the king in every “bacaro” (typical pub wich serves traditional finger food) in Venice and along the Riviera of the Brenta.  You set your own table, you pick your own food, and at the end you try to remember what you ate and settle up with the cashier. Lots of good choices from the grill each night. I liked the whole, slow-grilled chicken at 7 Euros. Good soups, pasta, deserts, etc., the whole show.

Precious Gold Outlet shopping

Vicenza could almost be described as the world’s goldsmith capital because, with over a thousand companies, it alone accounts for over half of all gold imported into Italy. Creativity and quality, innovation and tradition are the basic combinations of Vicenza’s success. A success confirmed each year by important international fairs in the sector: Vicenzaoro 1, an important trendsetting event, VicenzaOro 2 and Orogemma. Let’s discover the gold outlet in the province of  Vicenza, with a pit stop at the Bottega Veneta Outlet fancy famous for shoes and purses…

Get a Vintage Look!  Antique Market at Piazzola sul Brenta

In the romantic frame of Villa Contarini something unique happen on the last Sunday of each month. In the small village of Piazzola sul Brenta, in the frame of Villa Contarini is one of the largest and most sumptuous villas of the Veneto region you will be astonished to discover the largest antique market in Northern Italy. It’s the world  for bargain hunters . Vast assortment of vintage collectible, antique furniture, vases, tables, cameras, radios, record albums, prints, comics, jewelry, clocks, phonographs, glass ornaments, pottery.

Shop till you drop : Marostica, Bassano del Grappa & Ceramic Shopping
Let’s go to play at the famous living game of Chess in Marostica, or taste the local Spritz  at the Bassano Bridge. Visit Medieval Marostica, with its imposing fortified castle and giant chess-board permanently laid-out in the town square. Later  continue visiting the picturesque town of Bassano del Grappa, featuring a magnificent Palladian bridge crossing the mighty Brenta river . Let’s enjoy a tour around its narrow streets, spacious squares and at spectacular view points benefit from the superb views over the surrounding hills and mountains Here you’ll also have the  chance to sample some of the local firewater – “Grappa”. Stop in Nove, famous for ceramic shopping.

Lovely bubbly: a taste of Italy’s prosecco region

Italy’s sparkling wine comes from a gorgeous valley north of Venice. Let’s tour a typical Osteria for a real taste of the area – and its refreshing fizz. While Champagne refers to a region, prosecco is the name of the grape that is grown on rolling hills that stretch from the town of Valdobbiadene past Treviso and Conegliano, as far as Vittorio Veneto. A couple of days driving along this “strada del vino” combines wine tastings in village cantinas. If…and only if…you have an adventurous soul…go visit the Osteria senza Oste. The name of this quite magical locale is “osteria without a host”, and it totally lives up to its name, with no one behind the bar, and customers trusted to serve themselves prosecco from the fridge, along with cheese, hams, boiled eggs and bread. You then pop the payment into a wooden box. And somehow it works. Owned by a salami maker from a nearby village, the osteria is very difficult to find – obviously there are no signposts – and it’s best to ask directions in Santo Stefano. A winding lane leads into the middle of vineyards where the car has to be parked, and then a five-minute walk brings you out by this ancient stone cottage. A bottle of wine and a whole salami each cost €10 (£8.30), and tables are set out on a shady terrace with stunning views of the surrounding vine-clad hills.

Just pick one on this wine road and let’s go taste it!!

Just choose between ared wine to a sweet dessert wine and even sparkling spumante, or a sweet Recioto. Or maybe…a Cabernet Sauvignon or a good Rabosello…in the frame of a Medieval Castle or a Palladian Villa. Mmhhh…sure!

Soave and Valpollicella  Wine Road, Custoza White Wine Road, Recioto of Gambellara, Euganean Hills or Montello and Asolo wine trail. You just have to choose the flavour that suit your taste more.

Get lost in Venice

Some places require a map. Some places require that you forget the map. Venice is in the latter category. It’s an island, people, so you’re not going to get too far off track. With that in mind, leave your map at B’Charme B&B (maps are all but useless in this city anyway) and get yourself lost in Venice. It’s by far the best way to spend a day in the canal city.

In love with Verona

All has been already said about Verona: elegant, refined, historical, romantic! A walk by the breathtaking  Roman Arena and Giulietta house is a must, before a coffee break in Piazza Bra’ and a spritz apéritivo in the city of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

See an opera in Verona

Opera fan or no, there’s nothing quite like sitting in a Roman amphitheatre, just as people have done for thousands of years, watching a show. Okay, so you’re not watching chariot races or lions fight gladiators, but Verona’s famous opera company, which fills the night air with music every summer, is still a grand spectacle.

More to visit…my special customer…

  • Treviso – About a half-hour from Venice by train, this city has its own network of canals and some churches worth exploring; but it’s mainly just a nice escape from the tourist crush.
  • Padua – Also just about a half-hour from Venice by train, this city is home to a major university and is therefore youthful and energetic, as well as a great city for art lovers.
  • Lake Garda – Many of the towns along this northern Italian lake are easily reached via train from Venice, and it almost doesn’t matter which one you choose. If you get bored before you’re ready to return to Venice, just hop on another train and visit the next town!
  • Asolo & Castelfranco – Asolo boasts a gorgeous hilltop setting and Castelfranco Veneto is a pretty fortified town; Asolo is tough to reach without a car, but Castelfranco is on a railway line.
  • Trieste – This city on the tip of the Friuli region is a long day-trip from Venice (it’s about a 2-hour trip on the train one-way), but it’s a charming port city that’s influenced by several cultures.
  • Veneto & Friuli Wine – While Chianti and Barolo may be more famous in terms of Italian wines, the Veneto and nearby Friuli regions have lots to offer wine lovers. Many companies offer organized day trips to area wineries, complete with tastings.
  • Cortina/Dolomites – The stunning Dolomites mountains aren’t that far from Venice, and you can either join an organized tour or just get a train to Cortina d’Ampezzo and explore one of the pretty resort towns in the region.
  • Brenta Canal Cruise – Haven’t had enough of being on the water after a day or two in Venice? Hop on a one-day cruise from Venice to Padua on the Brenta River. It’s a great way to see many of the area’s beautiful historic villas.

Last but not least…

Wine and olive oil Tasting with local cheese and soppressa. Delicious!

Taste some wine. The Veneto is the home of Prosecco, a delicious, usually sparkling white wine and the Italian answer to France’s Champagne, and, to my palate, even tastier. The Strada del Vino Bianco runs through the vine-covered hills from Valdobiaddene east to Conegliano. It’s as beautiful a drive as any through the Chianti Classico territory in Tuscany.Or discover the scenic coastal road to Bardolino, Lake Garda.  The lake enjoys a mild climate; it is the northernmost area where olive trees grow. Not by chance it was regarded as the first “mediterranean” country by the old Germans travellers, and later by the Austrians who conquered the region for a long while.  The wines of the area are fresh, light whites, growing on moraine soils – Custoza and Lugana -  or the well known, pleasant, and fresh Bardolino,  red or in his unusual, extremely pleasant claret dress, one of the best rosés in Italy. Eventually taste some Amarone, Valpollicella or Soave in the sweet hills of Verona, or take time to taste the typical straw-yellow color and jasmine scent of a Cabernet Franc or an elegant Chardonnay. One the last weekend in May, especially the last Sunday, Italy celebrates wine with free tastings at many wineries. Designate a driver, then drive the Strada del Vino Veneto and look for signs that say “Cantine Aperte” (open cellars). Buy a bottle or two each place you stop and you can host your own tasting party! And while you’re at it, taste some Grana Padana, the Veneto’s premiere cheese. Grana Padana is delicious with Prosecco or any other wine red or white, and it will make you forget all about Parmigiano-Reggiano!


Hit the streets. Please do! Discover and enjoy life while at B"Charme. From flirting with Palladio to taste the lovely bubbly prosecco. Or stroll the Antique Market of Piazzola and get a new Vintage look! Even better..get lost in Venice...

Where I can go eat 2night? Suggested Trattorie and Restaurants and Agriturismo walking distance from B"Charme and on Berici Hills. Typical regional food and Pizzerie in Vicenza.

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